Derek Turner

I enjoyed Ricky Hitching’s blog about the huge statue of Napoleon which dominates the stairwell at Apsley House.

While the Napoleon statue is certainly impressive, given the choice I would prefer to take our other Canova home — not least because it would fit nicely in our living…

Ricky Hitching

Antonio Canova, by John Jackson, Wikimedia Commons

‘’I have read that the ancients, when they had produced a sound, used to modulate it, heightening and lowering its pitch without departing from the rules of harmony. So must the artist in working at the nude.’’ — Antonio Canova

This principle helped Antonio Canova to create one…

Nigel Cox


Olivia and I are lucky enough to live just 10 minutes’ walk from Apsley House, in Knightsbridge, the area stretching west from Hyde Park Corner to Queensgate and south to the Brompton Road. In my reading over the years, I have come across several references to Wellington’s…

Linda Parker

At Apsley House we have three paintings in the collection which are attributed or ascribed to the Spanish Baroque artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, including my favourite in the whole house. The title of my blog might give you a clue on that one…

In case you’re unaware of…

Aurora Tellenbach

Louis Vuitton.

A new object has been added to Apsley House, the visor. They come in all shapes and forms but basically protect your face while you can still be seen by those who you are talking to. Interestingly enough, they are

Jan Steen, Wellington Collection

Jane Ottaway

I have always loved looking at paintings and I particularly like those which have stories to tell, faces of character and details which reveal themselves the more that the painting is viewed. Jan Steen was a Dutch artist which specialised in painting the scenes of everyday life with…

Robert Lefèvre’s Portrait of Pauline Bonaparte, Princess Borghese

Eleanor Garthwaite

Robert Lefèvre’s portrait of Pauline Bonaparte, Princess Borghese (1806). Apsley House, Historic England Archive.

Hanging on the wall of the Striped Drawing Room at Apsley House, a room filled with portraits of military men, we can find a charming likeness of Pauline Bonaparte. Instead of catching our eye or imposing her presence, she…

Juliet Barnett

Wellington in Somerset.

Have you ever considered how much we come across the name ‘Wellington’ and ‘Waterloo’ in our everyday lives? Roads, stations, statues, hotels, hospitals, pubs, food items and clothing — all can be found with these names or with direct reference to the Duke himself.

After Arthur Wellesley’s success…

Linda Parker

Walmer Castle. English Heritage

On the afternoon of Tuesday, 14th September 1852, just after 15.00, the Iron Duke died — from complications after a stroke — sitting in his armchair at Walmer Castle, Kent. He was aged 83, and the Castle was his official residence as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports…

Apsley House and Wellington Arch Blog

Apsley House and the Wellington Arch are home to outstanding works of art, and are cared for by an enthusiastic team of staff and volunteers.

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